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❤ female:
✖ least favorite:
❤ couple:
✔ who resembles me:
❤ most attractive:
❤ three more characters that i like:

i’ll draw these during class if you send them in the next hour

5am and it’s like I never even left uni

5am and it’s like I never even left uni

speaking of irritating cinema experiences

after watching the Winter Soldier, we waited through half of the credits to see the extra bit, after which my family stood up to leave. I called out to them, still in my seat, saying “I think there’ll still be something after the credits” as a polite way of saying there will definitely be something after the credits but I don’t want to come across rude

AT WHICH POINT this loud booming obnoxious voice comes from the back of the room to advise us “UM IT’S MARVEL OF COURSE THERE’S GOING TO BE SOMETHING AFTER THE CREDITS” and we laughed and were like okay!!! cool

but then she proceeded to go on about it, snarky and condescending, laughing with her friends, “I MEAN IT’S MARVEL, IT’S ALRIGHT GUYS YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE, REAL MARVEL FAN WOULD KNOW" and I felt my hackles rise like what damn right do you have to make my family feel inferior like that? I scoffed and said "wow, elitist much?" to myself (aloud? idk) because wow you cocky bastard

and I’m so annoyed now because I had the perfect comeback


and if they didn’t understand then a follow-up comeback of “A real Marvel fan would have understood that reference” would have just been perfect perfect

but hey whatever, at least we didn’t cause a ruckus I guess. BIGGER PERSON AND ALL THAT.

how to take something shit and make it more shit ft. Zack Fair the Winter Soldier

how to take something shit and make it more shit ft. Zack Fair the Winter Soldier

pick up 14, cuz #howtobreakrelationships #howtoruinfamilies #unohowitgoes

pick up 14, cuz #howtobreakrelationships #howtoruinfamilies #unohowitgoes

I wanna draw Winter Soldier fanart but I have to edit funeral footage flippity heck

still thinking of Captain America I cannot I cannot I cannot

*holds head and barrel rolls into a flaming pile of Winter Soldier feelings*

Captain America: Rip Out My Still-Beating Heart And Leave It To Weep On The Icy Remains Of My Soul For I Am But An Empty Shell Of Whatever Warmth I Once Knew (also hot birds)

*throws more promising works into the WIP pile*