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the jar thing next to the chocolate milk! is that like sugar? what even?

OH. OH SORRY I’M AN ASSHOLE that’s raw sugar! it was on all the tables in the cafe BUT I CAN SEE HOW IT’D LOOK LIKE ICE COFFEE LOL

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what is happening? is that iced coffee in a cool ass jar thing?

im confused by your comment bro it’s a raspberry cake and a glass with iced chocolate in it LOL (well, like, chocolate milk with ice in it) IT IS A VERY JAR-LIKE GLASS THO

I’m kinda finding myself looking at people and wondering how satisfied they are with their lives

I get sad thinking that people aren’t satisfied with where they are

I get particularly sad looking at old people who look dissatisfied with their lives or are just realising they regret a big part of what they life has been

it really trips me out that we only get one shot at this and it’s so easy to fuck up hah

I’ve wasted so much of this year just sitting and it scares me that I’ll never get it back, or that I’ll never dig myself out, and I’ll just do this until I’m old n’grey and wondering when I threw my life away

I’m glad to think you guys will amount to something! and I’m glad to know my friends are on their way.

happy things!

chaaaracter to draaaww???? preferrably fanart



I saw the Lion King Musical last night THANK U PUDDLE AND FAMILY and it was WONDERFUL but all I could think of when I saw Simba was Afi bc in the Aussie production he’s played by Nick Afoa, Samoan/Croation rugby star turned singer turned hot adult Simba and between his mortality fears and dumb giddy attitude and hOT BODY I COULDN’T SHAKE IT…. AND MAKING MUFASA, HOTNESS MCGEE, BROAD SHOULDERED SWAGLORD, TAU???? DESTROY ME

LION!!! KIIIINNNGGG!!!!! Thank you Debbie, Sara, Yas and Nick for the AMAAAZING birthday gift!!! 🐒

LION!!! KIIIINNNGGG!!!!! Thank you Debbie, Sara, Yas and Nick for the AMAAAZING birthday gift!!! 🐒


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Was tagged by missanithrope in TWO thingies, so I’ll chuck ‘em both here!

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I already tagged some peeps for this earlier, so… if you see it and the likes are under 5, do it! :’) (and if you wanna do it just do it man LIVE YOUR LIFE A-AAYY-AH-AAYYY)