sometimes I wonder u kno

if my main character starts off with an ignorance I suppose towards, say, feminism, and he doesn’t understand the big idea because he’s a dude who hasn’t actively engaged in research regarding the matter or been required to think about it, really

but from there he grows and realises things and starts changing as a person and morphing his outlooks on humanity

would people still hate my character? for the traits he exhibited at the start of it all? or would you admire the character for growing and changing and apologising for wrong-doings?

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    sounds exactly like heath to me! not many liked him at first (he was a bit of a dick lol) but he seems to have developed...
  2. maverike said: I’d think as long as you really emphasise that he’s growing as a person, no one can really hate him for it. It’s also kinda fun when you hate a character at first and then grow to live them.
  3. apertureawakened said: -then i’d personally really admire him and probably settle on an appreciation like “oh you kidder you.” ;u; development like that’s always a great thing. dgfd /two cents
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